What if the Passover Seder was reinvented to include highlights from the traditional Hagadah and encourage real conversation about what matters most to our daily lives?
The Four New Questions
What is Sayder?

Sayder is a fresh spin on an ancient ceremony and a new format that celebrates the best of Passover with an abbreviated & alternative Seder. Structured around a revised version of the classical four questions, Sayder preserves the drama of storytelling, the art of retrospection, the depth of conversation, and the courage of optimism found in the traditional Seder. Sayder makes the Exodus saga meaningful to our lives, naming our modern slaveries and oppressions, renewing our commitment to more freedom for all. It’s a simple format that will work anywhere, anytime, for anyone. Some restrictions apply.

How does it work?

The host leads the guests in four rounds of questions and answers. Each round features one question, one refill of wine, and one topic. Food is served between rounds, leading up to the main Passover feast. Guests and hosts can insert traditional readings from the Hagaddah, songs, and personal stories.

Sayder can be held within a family or in public, for any duration of time. It is recommended for adults and suitable for children age six and up. Sayder can be a great addition to your traditional Seder or an alternative for other Passover nights. Any way you approach the Sayder, the goal is the same: Read less, say more, make this a night truly different than all other nights.

What You'll Need
  • Some people
  • Food, wine, Passover gastronomy as desired
  • Host (or teams of hosts)
  • Pre-prepared printed/digital materials
  • Printed version of Sayder
    Click to download
  • Several blank sheets of paper and one writing utensil per guest (optional)
  • Live/playback music (optional)
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