What if the Passover Seder was reinvented to include highlights from the traditional Hagadah and encourage real conversation about what matters most to our daily lives?
The Four New Questions
Ma Nishtana: What’s New

What significant change has occurred in your life since this time last year? Name one meaningful piece of news.

Avadim Hayenu: Our Slavery

Identify the problem. What enslaves you today? What’s holding you back from being freer, happy, and creative?

Dayenu: Enough

Identify possible solutions. What can you do to help end your enslavement and reduce that which holds you back from more freedom and creativity? What will help you fight the Pharaohs within?

L’shana Ha’baa: FUTURE VISION – Next Year

We can’t end the Seder till we all commit to making the world a better place, with less oppression and more freedom. What is your vision of a freer world? What do you commit to in the coming year to help reduce slavery and oppression in the world?

Bonus Question – Afikoman 4.0 (optional)

An afikoman is a fragment of a Matza, hidden during the Seder, swapped for a prize at its end, and generally used to keep the kids awake. In this version it is used to walk the Seder talk and invest resources in real change.

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